Cash Incentive Credit Card Processing

Sick of paying VISA, MC, AMEX, Discover and month end fees?  You need to check out YETE Technologies Cash Incentive Processing platform which can eliminate up 99% of the fee’s associated with processing credit card.  Our average business partner saves around 3% of their gross credit card sales directly impacting their bottom line. YETE Technologies was one of the first to market who’ve been paving the way and created the gold standard with accreditation with Visa/MC and the US Attorney General in all 50 states and allows us to guarantee compliance and take on the liability involved in running a cash incentive program

Points of Sale (POS)

Starting a new business or looking to Upgrade Your current Business Point of Sale System?We’ve spent years combing through the  marketplace to find best solutions that offer the most options on one platform.  All our point of sale partnerships includes everything you need to manage, grow, and optimize your business. We have a wide variety of credit card terminals and POS systems designed to fit your needs and boost your bottom line.  Equipment bundles that include touchscreen tablets, handheld, tablets, Kiosk, Kitchen display screens (KDS), Printers, Payment devices (EMV and NFC-enabled payment). Robust software featuring powerful inventory management, employee management, in-depth reporting tools, online ordering, shopping carts, cash incentive processing. No matter which of our point-of-sale terminals you choose, you benefit from built-in technology designed to make managing payments easier, safer, and smarter.

Points of Sale (POS) Integrations with existing systems

YETE Technologies has built integrations for our cash incentive payment processing platform with many of the major point of sale companies and equipment providers.  The transition is seamless and simple, no new equipment, no learning curves and new processes, just instant savings. If we can not integrate with your current point of sale we have programs and options available to assist in financing or cover all costs associated with a new compatible point of sale hardware.

Credit Card Terminals

We offer a variety of payment solutions (wired, wireless, POS,mPOS, and online) to meet your business needs. Plus, we’ll ship your card reader to you and help you get it up and running, all for no extra charge. Why? Because when your business thrives, so does ours. Countertop terminals- Our free countertop credit card terminals connect over the phone or Internet and provide all you need to accept all the ways to pay. Wireless credit card readers: Our wireless credit card reader gives you added flexibility to accept payments without a cord. Perform the same functions as a physical credit card terminal through our secure, web-based terminal options.


Online credit card processing requires an e-commerce-specific merchant account to facilitate the transfer of monies from the customer’s credit card account to your own banking account. Our e-commerce merchant accounts integrate easily with your online store and we offer an array of other services available to enhance your business.

Digital/Crypto Currency Processing

Many people are wonder what the future of money looks like?  Currency has been evolving since man exchanged goos for services and it’s evolving to catch up to the digital era.  The explosive introduction and public acceptance of digital currency is growing at a rate we’ve never thought possible. We have multiple partnerships in place with some of the largest crypto processors that have seem-less integrations with many of our POS.  This creates and enjoyable customer focused experience involving new technology fun way to accept payments. We are able to accept most major digital currencies like BTC, ETH, XRP and DOGE to name a few.

Payment Gateway

A common question we get from people new to e-commerce is “what is a gateway?”. The quick answer is that a payment gateway is the technology layer that links a customer’s credit card to your merchant account. It is the link that makes the connection between a customer’s bank and your merchant account, allowing funds to flow into the latter after a payment transaction is cleared. We keep you connected with your customers, making payment processing quick and seamless.

Merchant Cash Advance

Need operating capitol or a loan for a new location without the timely hassle of banks underwriting processes? YETE Technologies has established relationships with some of the most accredited lending firms.  This allows us to offer more favorable terms and rates which in the end saves you money.