What is a Payment Gateway and Why Do You Need One?

In a nutshell, a payment gateway is the technology that links your customer’s credit card to your merchant account. When an online payment is made by a customer, his bank is linked to your merchant account with a payment gateway that then processes the funds to be transferred to your account. Essentially, payment gateways facilitate communication within acquiring banks and issuing banks.

eCommerce merchants need payment gateways to accept payments via customers’ credit and debit cards. Investing in one protects you from liabilities. It also increases your patron count because it encourages more customers to transact business with you when you have more convenient and secure payment options for them.

The YETE Promise

We offer cost-effective solutions to eCommerce merchants who want to give debit and credit card payment options to their customers. We provide solutions that are safe and secure that customers will be confident to use. Our technology solutions do not compromise a customer’s bank information and keep everything private and secure.

We will always find ways to provide you the convenience and flexibility to support your eCommerce activities. We keep you connected with your customers. To learn more, connect with us. We will be happy to discuss further how to make payment processes quick and seamless.

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