The Downside of Traditional Payment Systems Like Credit Cards

On average, 3% of business sales goes to credit card companies. That can be a significant chunk of earnings, even though it may seem a small amount on paper. Small costs can add up, and credit card companies take 3% of annual profits. The issue is that the middleman will always be a part of the transactions. Not only that, but they can also implement strict measures that focus on benefitting their business. What if they don’t like your niche or customer base? They can ban transactions from passing through because they have control. There needs to be a solution that bypasses the middleman to reduce fees and get control back. The way to do this is through digital currency. Cryptocurrency is the future, more and more businesses adopt it over time.

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Why Cryptocurrency?

The original intent of cryptocurrency was to create a financial system that no longer relied on intermediaries. By doing this, transactions are faster, and each exchange between two parties will have no fees.

Not only that, crypto has a layer of security that makes it impossible for crimes like fraud. Each transaction is recorded as a block of data online that no one has control over. Each block has encryption, and data placed on a blockchain is immutable.

Take a Chance with Cryptocurrency Processing

Crypto provides a secure and seamless option for businesses and customers alike. You won’t have to worry about fees on each transaction. If you’re looking for an easy way to implement crypto for your business, look no further than Yete Technologies. Complete the contact form, and a representative will get to you as soon as possible.

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