Countertop Terminals

Retail shops and restaurants have credit card transactions that are in-person. For card-present transactions, the best option is the traditional retail credit card terminal.

The countertop credit card terminal allows you to swipe the customer’s credit card through a card reader. You can add a printer to the setup so a transaction receipt is printed for the customer to sign.

This is also possible for card-not-present transactions where online orders are accepted by the merchant. The customer simply keys in their credit card information to process payment.

Mobile and Wireless Credit Card Terminals

We also offer a wireless credit card reader that lets you accept payments on the go. This is useful for merchants who collect on-the-spot payments outside of their place of business. Hospitality and retail businesses can improve payment checkout and customer experience with this setup. The wireless credit card terminal works over an internet connection. They are compact and portable and can help your sales on the field by providing customers with payment options beyond traditional point-of-sale or cash-only transactions.

The YETE Difference

We offer payment solutions that work because we want your business to thrive. We will support you by shipping your card reader for free, and we’ll even help you get it set up. There are no hidden charges and no extra fees – just an exceptional cardreader that comes with exceptional service. Connect with YETE today to learn more about which credit card terminals will benefit you most.

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