Cash Incentive Credit Card Processing

Businesses that accept credit card payments carry the burden of processing fees. From 1.2-1.6% processing rates of a decade ago, the rates continue to rise and are now at 2.7-3.1%. The staggering amounts they have to pay VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and Discover all cut a huge portion from their profits each month.

POS Solutions

A point of sale or a POS is where you tally up the items for the purchase of a customer. When they checkout online, they go to a counter or a cashier or get an item at your kiosk or selling booth, they are at the point of sale. A point of sale or POS is where consumers go to pay for their purchases. This can be both online or in-person. The POS accepts tha payment methods and is the final step before the transaction is complete, making it vital for businesses. Every business, large or small, needs a secure and scalable POS solution. If you’re looking to set up or upgrade your POS system, connect with us to explore the best options.

Credit Card Terminals

You can reduce your processing costs when you choose the best payment processing terminals. There are credit card terminals with features that match certain types of businesses. Some of these types include: 


In today’s digital world, customers have shifted to online shopping and purchases. They rely heavily on the internet to fulfill their product and service needs. eCommerce saw its peak during the pandemic and the way people conduct their purchases is forever changed. 

Businesses need a secure and convenient way to process online transactions that provide a good customer experience while making the payment collection easy for them.

Digital/Cryptocurrency Processing

Businesses want to optimize cash flow by reducing fees and costs associated with transactions. At the same time, we also want to provide a seamless experience to customers. Most traditional payment systems often deal with credit card companies or banks. They take a percentage of each sale as a fee for their service.

Payment Gateway

There are billions of credit card transactions every year around the world. With the digital revolution and the rise of online shopping, the need for a secure and flexible payment gateway is essential for businesses. 

Merchant Cash Advance and How It Works

Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is a type of business financing we offer here at YETE Technologies. MCA is different from a small business loan as it is a lump-sum payment to be repaid by the borrower based on the credit card sales or future revenues agreed upon. This is an unsecured business funding that’s ideal for businesses that cannot take out traditional loans. While this type of financing often has high payment rates, it is easier to apply since we ask for fewer requirements. YETE provides Merchant Cash Advance with smaller payment amounts than a traditional business installment loan. Moreover, our payment terms are much shorter than conventional business financing. MCA is a more flexible option for your needs.