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Cash Discount – No Fee Processing
Smart businesses and even government agencies have been charging customers a similar surcharge for many years, not wanting to pay the rising costs associated with credit card processing fees. With the YETE Flat Rate program, we actually suggest that instead of charging a surcharge, you offer your customers a Cash Discount. It is fair, legal, and in your best interest to offer a discount to customers for paying cash…or just charge them the regular price at the credit card terminal.

Clarity to your customers:
The business owner simply posts signs (supplied by YETE Technologies) at the registers and on the door explaining that the posted prices are the Cash Discounted Prices and, should the customer elect to pay by credit or debit card, they will be charged the regular price for the products or services in the business, and this regular price will be calculated and added onto the receipt by the credit card terminal automatically at the time of check out.

It’s that simple and straightforward. If you want to know more, we’d love to explain it more fully in person or over the phone, so get in touch with our experienced agents today to learn how you can say goodbye to excessive monthly merchant fees.

Traditional Processing
• Interchange Plus/Variable Swipe Fee

Point of Sale Systems:
• Clover
• Aloha
• Aldelo

Ecommerce Payments and Shopping Carts

Merchant Cash Advances:
With a merchant cash advance, can utilize your future sales to get access to capital immediately.

This financing option is often overlooked or never explored, but can sometimes be a better option than a business loan—one of the main reasons being the repayment can fluctuate with your monthly sales, and is not personally guaranteed.

Restaurant Management Software
• Margins Edge

Why choose YETE Technologies:

YETE is a veteran owned payment solutions provider with a purpose. Every time your business processes a credit card it triggers a donation of whole food nutrition to a malnourished child under five. By no action of your own but just choosing YETE as your payment provider YETE allows you to share this story as if it were your own. YETE will track all donations made of behalf of your business, creates co-branded material all well aligning your business with our goal of ending childhood malnutrition.

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