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YETErOS vs Toast POS

Introduction: The point-of-sale (POS) industry has experienced a significant evolution over the past few years, with new players and features entering the market. One such feature is the ability to offer dual price processing or surcharging, which allows businesses to pass the cost of credit card processing fees onto their customers. YETErOS and Toast POS […]

Surcharging VS Dual Price Fines and Penalties (State/Fed/Visa/MC)

Introduction: In today’s world, credit card transactions have become ubiquitous. Credit cards offer convenience to customers, and they also offer several benefits to merchants, such as reduced risk of theft, the ability to track sales, and increased customer satisfaction. However, accepting credit cards comes with costs, and merchants often pass these costs on to customers […]

Dual Price Credit Card Processing the Savings a Business Will See

Introduction In recent years, credit card processing fees have become a significant expense for businesses of all sizes. While credit card payments offer convenience for customers, the fees associated with processing those payments can eat into a business’s profit margins. Dual price credit card processing offers an innovative solution to this problem, providing businesses with […]

What are the Penalties or Fines Associated if You Process Dual Price Credit Card Processing Incorrectly

The penalties and fines associated with processing dual price credit card transactions incorrectly can vary depending on the specific circumstances and the jurisdiction in which the business operates. In general, if a business is found to be violating laws or regulations related to dual pricing, it may be subject to penalties and fines from regulatory […]

Dual Price on a Point of Sale & Credit Card Processing

Dual pricing is a pricing strategy commonly used in point-of-sale and credit card processing systems, where customers are offered different prices depending on the payment method they choose. In dual pricing, merchants may offer a lower price to customers who pay with cash or debit cards, as these payment methods typically carry lower transaction fees […]

YETErOS Vs Legacy POS’s

Introduction: In the world of point-of-sale (POS) systems, there are several options available, including the legacy systems like Aloha, Focus, and Micros. However, with the rise of new technologies, modern POS systems like YETErOS have emerged. This white paper aims to compare Linga POS to legacy POS systems like Aloha, Focus, and Micros to understand […]