About YETE Technologies:

YETE Technologies was founded by two long time friends:

Mike (the brains) who’s had many business successes under his belt, ranging from successes in the medical device field to a rubber patent sold to rubber made. He also carries over 10 years of experience in the payment solutions and processes industry.

John (the visionary) a former ARMY veteran wounded in Iraq in 2004 saw first hand how people lived in some of the most poverty stricken, war torn areas in the world, what stuck with him was seeing these innocent children kids, who at no fault of their own were victims of so much but how the most basic needs were not being met like nutritious food and clean water, struck deep.

Together we discovered through the help of some mentors that over 239,000,000 kids are affected in some way shape or form from malnutrition and that every 6 second a child dies from those effect’s.

We took this quote by Joel Baker to heart “A Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world!” We took action on our vision and YETE Technologies “You Eat, They Eat” was born!

Why choose YETE Technologies:

YETE is a veteran owned payment solutions provider with a purpose. Every time your business processes a credit card it triggers a donation of whole food nutrition to a malnourished child under five. By no action of your own but just choosing YETE as your payment provider YETE allows you to share this story as if it were your own. YETE will track all donations made of behalf of your business, creates co-branded material all well aligning your business with our goal of ending childhood malnutrition.

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YOU EAT, THEY EAT: The Numbers
55 Brands have chosen YETE + 135,144 Children Nourished by YETE

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