YETE Technologies is a veteran-owned payment solutions company with a simple mission: To provide payment solutions with a purpose and empower businesses to change the world by putting an end to childhood malnutrition.

How are doing this? We created a payment solutions platform where your business’s everyday credit card transactions trigger a donation of whole food nutrition to a malnourished child, payment solution with a purpose! We offer a multitude of Integrated Point of Sale (POS) Solutions, Traditional Merchant Services, Our Cash Incentive Processing Platform (Eliminate unto 99% of CC fees), Online Payments, eCommerce Payment Solutions, Digital/Crypto Currency Processing, and Merchant Cash Advancements. Please contact us for more information

Drive More Sales through our Cash Incentive Processing Platform

As a business owner, we understand the importance in keeping your cost low while putting more cash flow into your business. What better way than to help you eliminate up to 99% of the fee’s associated with processing credit cards.

Our Cash Incentive Processing Platform is quickly gaining in popularity in the United States, this is a relatively newer program that has been helping thousands of businesses eliminate the tens of thousands of dollars a year the pay due to processing credit cards.

What is a Cash Incentive Processing Platform?

A cash incentive processing platform is a type of credit card processing that transitions the cost of acceptance back to customers who choose to pay with a credit card or debit card. Cash incentive merchant services allow business owners to continue to accept all major credit cards, but without the loss of 3-4% in fees. Now, that’s one way to save on cost, and earn huge rewards.